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is difficult at times,

but we can help.

Stressful, overwhelming times create a sense of powerlessness. With therapy, you can regain a sense of control and work through the emotional obstacles holding you back.

  • Regain balance

  • Use anger constructively

  • Nurture yourself and others

  • Redraw your life’s path

  • Learn to navigate past barriers

I’m Sherri Cohen, a clinical social worker. My purpose (Nia) is to help you:

  • Steer your way around and through difficulties

  • Deal gently but proactively with emotional issues

  • Energize your passion for life.

Sherri Cohen, mental health counselor Decatur AL

I will support you with empathy, caring, and compassion in a safe environment—in person or remotely, as you choose.

Areas of Expertise

Depression      Anxiety      Panic Attacks      Social Anxiety      Phobias      Grief & Loss

Relationships      Stress Management      Trauma      Abuse      PTSD      Addiction & Recovery

Woman on Window Sill

Improve strategies for managing stress and coming to terms with interpersonal issues, grief, anger, and low self-esteem. I’ll open the door that allows you to explore your personal experiences and improve coping skills.

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